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At Bliss Production we offer a range of photography services to suit your needs. Vibrant, joyful, authentic photography services that include newborn, pregnancy, family and children, budoir and at your place portraiture.
A blissful life is within your reach. However not everyone is going to experience bliss in the same way. The lens which you view life shapes is how you will define your ideea of bliss.
Live your best life and live it blissfully!
Let’s have some fun! Remind me the ages of your children for your family sessions and I will be sure to bring some glitter along for them!

Family & Children
Newborn & Pregnancy
At your place

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The birth of your baby is one of the most momentous points in your life. There is no greater gift in the world than that little newborn baby to love and hold forever. One day they’re a tiny mass of squalling and cooing, sleeping for 17 hours. Next, they’ll be teething, crawling, walking and talking. Probably by Thursday.
Your baby won’t stay newborn for long, so capture as many of these fleeting moments before they’re gone forever.
The first week of your baby’s life will be a hurricane of joy and new experiences. Before you know it, it will be over. It helps to think ahead about what pictures you would like to be sure to capture. Freeze this moment in time with the most beautiful newborn portraits from Bliss Production Photography.
Fun, comfortable boudoir photo shoot for everyday women
BOUDOIR IS SO MUCH MORE THAN PUTTING ON PRETTY LINGERIE & TAKING PICTURES. This is about being Real and Comfortable in your own skin. This is about celebrating how you are uniquely different. This is about letting go of every negative thing you have ever thought about your body!
Pregnancy Session
Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is your time and it’s so special and exciting!
You have probably already started to form a beautiful bond with your lovely bump and can’t get enough of those butterfly-type sensations in your tummy that soon turn into crazy kicks!
Our pregnancy photo shoot is all about capturing the real you and all those emotions and feelings that you have as a mum-to-be.
Your Pregnancy Photo Session will take place in the comfort of your own home or at an outdoor location of your choice or in our welcome cosy studio based in Brentwood.
Freeze these beautiful memories with stunning pregnancy photography from Bliss Production.
Family and Children
The family photography experience .Let's capture your family's love, the small moments, the real magic. Capturing your best moments in a nostalgic and thoughtful way.
Because they’re only little for so long. Because life with kids is crazy and hard and full of beauty and joy. Because there is no time like right now. Because one day they will cherish these photographs of you and them. Because love is all that matters.
Our pets are loyal and loving family members, steadfastly at our side as we experience the joys and challenges of life — they're our confidants, playmates and best friends. A pet photography session allows for a timeless result that you will be able to share with loved ones today and for generations to come. Your pets deserve to be captured with an elegant and highly professional image. One that will honor the loyalty, the love and the incredible experiences that you share with them!
I will create images of your dogs, cats, or any other pet you have. Images that you are going to want in your album and printed on your wall!
So hug, kiss, play and be silly with your furever friend, I'll capture the moment — and memories you can share forever!
At your place photography
An at home session can captures the place that is most special to your family and capture a slice of your day to day. I will travel to your home from my base in East London to capture your family in the heart of your home. Whether you’re a family of two, an individual looking for casual, comfortable headshots, or someone with little ones, we believe photos taken at home can be a terrific way to document your life for the family archives.
Home is where the heart is.

How to prepare for your photoshoot

1. TIME – Please allow between four to five hours for the… experience.

2.PLAN YOUR JOURNEY – make sure you arrive at least 15mins before your scheduled appointment time.

3.CHILDREN – if you are bringing children, please make sure that you have a responsible adult with you to supervise children during the experience.

We also suggest that you bring some of their favourite toys to keep them occupied and to use as prop in the photoshoot.

4.MAKE UP AND HAIR – All inclusive services under one roof at additional cost. Your makeover photography session will consist of you having your hair and make up done by professional make up artist to have you feeling amazing.

5.BRING THE OUTFITS – please make sure you have a fun variety and don’t forget those extra accessories like hats, jewellery, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

Please note: we may only be able to do one or two outfits for family experiences.

6. CONTACT US– if you have any question about your upcoming appointment please don’t hesitate to call us and we will be happy to help In any way we can.