Victoria Oanta Photo Session on the Bliss Production studio
Photoshoot in front of the big lights

Victoria Oanta Pro and Nice Photo Shoot

Victoria Oanta photo shoot , I’ll never forget that day!

The very first picture of her was taken at a ceremony at a friend of us where we’we had such a nice time together, as we chitchatting, sipping our drink and scanned the room we have come to schedule this session. It was her first pro photo shoot in front of the big lights.

At first she was a bit shy but I knew how to make her feel comfortable and relaxed so I made us a cup of tea. Of course we walked back in time and had a short gossip about the ceremony both of us were present at and right away Victoria laid-back and we got along very well with the session.

Give me a call on 07815 524 434 or send me a message at or come over to have a cup of tea and we can plan the perfect photo shoot!

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Andreea Manolache
Andreea Manolache